“Cocaine Hippos of Pablo Escobar pose ecological threat in Colombia, spreading to India and Mexico”

खबर शेयर करें -

Pablo Escobar’s hippos, which were brought to Colombia by the infamous drug lord, have been reproducing and now pose a growing risk to the country’s ecology. The hippopotamus, native to Africa, are not native to Colombia and their presence could have negative effects on the country’s aquatic ecosystem. Some of the hippos have escaped from Escobar’s former estate and can now be found in the wild. The government has been struggling to deal with the increasing number of hippos and has recently approved a plan to sterilize the animals to prevent further reproduction. However, animal rights groups have voiced concerns about the plan and argue that sterilization could be harmful to the hippos’ health. The hippos have also been a popular tourist attraction, with some locals even advocating for them to become the country’s national animal. Despite their cute and cuddly appearance, the hippos pose a real threat to Colombia’s environment, and the country will have to find a way to balance their ecological impact with the need to protect them.

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