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“The Game-Changing Suspension: How Draymond Green’s Absence Saved the Warriors’ Season”

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The Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green received a one-game suspension during the 2021 NBA playoffs, but some say that suspension actually saved their season. The Warriors had already lost Klay Thompson to injury and were struggling to find their rhythm against the Memphis Grizzlies in the play-in game.

Green’s suspension caused him to miss that crucial game, but it also gave him some much-needed rest before the team’s next game against the Los Angeles Lakers. In that game, Green returned with a vengeance, posting a triple-double and leading the Warriors to a 103-100 victory.

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Experts say that the rest allowed Green to come back fresh and refocused, which helped the team win that crucial game. Without that win, the Warriors would not have made it to the playoffs. Instead, they went on to face the Utah Jazz, ultimately losing in the second round. However, Green’s suspension and subsequent rest gave the team a fighting chance when they needed it most.

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